Congratulations! You’ve found a business that aligns perfectly with your vision. But before you celebrate, there’s one crucial step: the Letter of Intent (LOI). This document, while not legally binding, plays a pivotal role in securing your dream acquisition.

letter of intent LOI

What is a Letter of Intent (LOI)?

Think of an LOI as a roadmap outlining your initial interest in purchasing a specific business. It serves as a non-binding agreement, laying the groundwork for deeper negotiations and establishing a clear understanding between you and the seller. While an LOI shares similarities with a term sheet in summarizing key deal points, it differs in its level of formality and perspective.

Why is an LOI Essential for Business Buyers?

The LOI lays the foundation for a successful transaction by:

Moving Forward with Confidence

Ready to draft your LOI and take the next step in your business acquisition journey? Seeking professional guidance is crucial. An expert can ensure legal compliance, navigate complexities, and guarantee that no critical details are overlooked. Remember, a well-crafted LOI can be the cornerstone of a successful business acquisition.

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